Second Wind Styling

Cultivate a Refined Appearance

Allow us to assist you with styling

Perhaps you have a special event coming up and aren’t sure what to wear, or maybe you’d like help putting together outfits for everyday life. In either case, Second Wind Styling is here for you. We’ll show you how to work with the pieces you have to build a nice-looking outfit. Additionally, we can take your measurements and present you with custom pieces tailored specifically to your style.

Our owner, Stephen, uses his natural talent for spotting trends to help men feel confident with a renewed sense of self.

We work with a versatile client base

Any man who wants to improve his sense of style is a good fit for Second Wind Consignment. You'll love working with Stephen if:

You always want to look your best

You want to update your image to be more fashionable

You aren't sure how to build outfits from the clothes you own

Whether it be by providing professional styling services or creating a custom article of clothing, Stephen will walk alongside you to help you reach your fashion goals. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our services.